Things To Do In Al-G Weiya, Egypt

Travel to Al-Gweiyeah, the most beautiful part of Saudi Arabia. The country is a large plateau and encompasses the Thirat Kingdom. The capital city is Jidda and Jumeriah. Here are some must see sights and things to do in this part of the kingdom.


One of the most beautiful places to visit in Al-Gweiyeah is the Al-Gwei palace. Built in 360 B.C, it is the oldest part of the city and was used by the Egyptian pharaohs as their palace. It consists of four buildings and is decorated by frescoes depicting scenes from the olden days. This palace is open to visitors three times a year.

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If you are looking for more modern structures to see in Al-G Weiya, you can travel to the Al-Fuadi quarter. It is located to the north of Jidda and Al-G Weiya and is built upon the ancient caravan trade of Hamedan. There are a number of hotels and guesthouses around the quarter.


Another great attraction for tourists traveling to Al-G Weiya is the Al- impedanceenei mosque. Built in the Mughal period, it was destroyed during the World War II. It can be visited once a week during the month of Ramadan. The Al- impedanceenei Mosque houses a mosque that depicts the view of the Holy Quran. The holy Quran is kept inside this palace.


The Al-Furqafah Mosque is located to the south of Jidda. It was built in the Safwanid era and is one of the best mosques in Jidda. It contains a minaret that houses the dome and a minaret that resemble the world famous world-renowned Taj Mahal. People can have a guided tour of the entire city during the four daily Friday prayers. Tourists can also make a donation in the name of any individual from the area in which they are staying.


A tour of the museums within Jidda is also highly recommended. This area houses some of the major museums in Jidda such as the Al-Kutbi Gallery, Al-Qassam Cultural Center, Al-Rafea Culture Center, and the Islamic Museum. These museums give an insight into Jidda’s history and showcase the culture of the people living in the region.