The spectacular Adriatic coastline of Croatia has long been an attraction for historians, nature lovers and even the more adventurous traveler. Dubbed as “The Venice of the Adriatic” this historical and cultural region of Croatia has much to offer both for the sea enthusiast and the land aficionado. With its mix of modern and old architecture the Croatian islands in the Adriatic Sea offer a wide range of enticingly charming tourist spots.

Trip to Supetar

The first stop on your trip to Supetar should be Milna. A short drive from Supetar you can head to Milna harbour where there is a good observation point from where you can see the cruise liner approaching from the harbor. You can also enjoy the breathtaking views of the Cor Croatia mountain range from here. Once you are done with the sun set Milna becomes a much quieter place. The majority of the tourists that come to Milna are not interested in taking a cruise however, instead they prefer to try the local delicacies and go for some shopping at the market at nearby Tarim. This market is packed with stalls selling all types of traditional goods and is a very pleasant experience for those who are not into shopping.

The second stop on your trip to Supetar should be Zlatni Rat. Zlatni Rat is a small town that is just 2km from the popular beach of Supetar. It is a small harbour town with a few hundred inhabitants. The most striking building in Zlatni Rat is a church that sits on the edge of the harbour wall. The church is painted a white colour to match the rest of the town and offers a fine view of the passing boats and a restaurant where you can have lunch or dinner. This is where you should take a rest after a day of exploring Milna.

If you are planning to spend the night in Zlatni Rat, there are a number of places you can stay in this town. The hotel that we mentioned above offers a beautiful room for rent, which is just the perfect place to spend your holiday. You can also choose to stay at one of the few luxury vacation rentals available in the area. These vacation rentals can offer you a comfortable room for the night as well as a selection of restaurants that offer great meals while you relax in your room.

While you are on your trip to Supetar you will need to take some time out to explore the surrounding areas of Gozo. Gozo is a very mountainous region, which is covered completely in thick forest. In order to go around the forest, you will need to use a guide that will lead you through the proper paths. The majority of these tours are offered by private individuals and do cost significantly less than the daily expenses you would incur when taking a commercial plane to get around Gozo. You can also make plans to take a luxurious cruise along the scenic Vljetinska River before you leave for Supetar.

If you plan to spend three days or more in Zlatni Rat, you can expect to spend anywhere between twenty-five hundred and three thousand Euros when you rent a luxury trip to Gozo villa or a Gozo vacation rental. You can make arrangements with your travel agent to provide you with a detailed budget when you book your trip. The three-day trip will allow you to experience the beauty and natural history of Gozo as well as have fun exploring the mountains, trails and rivers. The price of renting a luxury trip to Gozo includes a comfortable room for the night as well as breakfast in your room and transportation between the airport and your luxury hotel.