Trip to Dubrovnik

What to See on Your Trip to Dubrovnik

Planning a trip to Dubrovnik for your next vacation? Here is what you should be prepared not to miss. Fun things to do in Dubrovnik. Travel tips for your trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia.

First, why not pay a visit to the old town of Dubrovnik, Croatian island which is the second largest city in Croatia and is famous for its historical architecture. Walk along the city walls; an interesting sight to see if you have not visited this place before. Bring a hat, long sleeve shirt, sunglasses, water, and don’t forget your camera, this may be the only photo opportunity you get to capture the beautiful old town of Dubrovnik and its fascinating history. This is not to be missed!

If you’re looking for the best places to get started on your travel to Dubrovnik, Croatia then you should definitely start with the Zadar Valley. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia and is a great starting point for all of the other fantastic Croatian destinations. The best ways to get started are either taking a tram or train from your hotel to the Zadar Valley where you will be able to start enjoying the sights and sounds of Croatia’s rich culture and natural beauty.

Next on our list of Croatia’s must see places is nothing other than the Adriatic seacoast of Southeastern Croatia. Pristine beaches and breathtaking scenery define this region and are perfect for beach holidays, water sports, sailing and sightseeing. The best things to do here are probably the pebble beaches, most of which have the feel of a quaint English town with cobbled streets and many of them even have their own pier. Sorn Castle, Crocodile Farm and the National Gallery are also popular attractions, but it can be a pretty long walk from these to the Adriatic. Another great way to enjoy the seacoast is by taking a cable car service that will take you from one island to another as you discover the loveliest parts of Croatia.

After you’ve covered some of the best things in Croatia, we can move on to our next must do, which is to get started on your journey to Dubrovnik, Croatia’s capital city. The main areas of interest in this part of the world are Pula, Split and Sosua as they all have historical significance. You will be able to drive through these historical towns and enjoy the art and architecture. If you prefer a bit of shopping, the shopping streets are lined up in a grid system. So, walking from one area to another shouldn’t cause too much problem and if you have more money, there are also good restaurants in these markets which will keep you going until you reach Dubrovnik. There are also parks in Split and Sosua that will allow you to take a break from your travels and spend some time in the beautiful outdoors.

If you’re planning a family holiday and you want to include a stop off in one of the Croatian islands that Croatia is so famous for, then you should head to Zadar or Hvar. Both these islands are situated close to Dubrovnik and offer beautiful scenery and a great deal of entertainment. So, if you have decided that Croatia is the place for you, then consider booking your trip to Croatia well in advance and you will find that everything will fall into place and you’ll have a wonderful holiday. A stay in a hotel in any of the Croatian resorts or in a holiday home in the local areas will ensure that you have fantastic times in Croatia, making your return trip even more enjoyable.